Do YOU Have What It Takes to be a Rogue? 

 Do you like to have FUN?  Then you just might be a Rogue….

 Do you like to ride your bike?  Then you just might be a Rogue….

 Do you like to Run? Then you might be a Rogue

 Do you like to Swim too? Then you might be a Rogue

 Do you like to put them all together and call that a “sport”?  Sure enough, you might be a Rogue

 Do you enjoy the company of folks who like to do stupid things like ride your bike in 5 degree weather?  Then you sure sound like a Rogue….

 Do you sometimes laugh so hard while drinking beer that it comes shooting out your nose?  Then you are DEFINITELY a Rogue!

 What is the Rogue Race Team?

 The Rogue Race Team is a group of like-minded (some would say small-minded) folks who LOVE to ride their bikes, run, swim or just plain stay active and who think that races are a perfect excuse to get together to laugh, eat and drink and have a good time.

 Rogues like to train hard and race hard but most of all Rogues understand that riding training and racing are supposed to be FUN! 

 The Rogue motto is:  Fun First! 

 All Are Welcome (except uptight jerks that aren’t interested in fun)!

 So whether you are a veteran cyclist,fish outta water,runner from beyond,or a total newbie,if you want to have FUN,you DO have what it takes to be a Rogue and we would love to have you come join our party. 

 On the other hand,if you are uptight,serious all the time or think you are the next contender for the Tour de France,then you are probably better off with some other,more serious squad and there is nothing wrong with that.

 How Do I Join the Rogue Team?

 Easy.  Just sign up on our “Become a Rogue” page, follow the steps and bada bing bada boom.

 What Happens Once I Become a Rogue?

 The stars align,you instantly become better looking,more virile and far smarter than you have ever been before.  Your troubles disappear and everything becomes sunshine and roses. 

 Well….not quite…..  The virile part? Sure.  But the rest?  Maybe not so much.

 Seriously (damn we hate to be serious),joining the Rogues means you will join our Rogue Listserv where we post details of our training events, upcoming races (once again, race as often or little as you want), and tons of trash-talking banter. 

 Slowly but surely you get to know the riders and you too will likely acquire a nickname like Sled Dog or One Speed or Hard Man (don’t ask!) or Big German or Calves or Tic Toc or Scarecrow……. You get the point

 Slowly but surely you learn about riding and training and racing. 

 Slowly but surely you learn about the fun of hanging out with a group of folks who just like to have a great time while getting in better shape.

 Slowly but surely you become a Rogue.  And life doesn’t get any better than that……..