Alll did great yesterday. Bruce hit the deck at mile 26or so when a babagadouche cut him off in an aid station. Ericka crushed her old time by a day and a half. Bill could still stand up straight and even smile! George had a long day but considering he has been gathering frequent flyer miles for more readily than training miles I think he was the big winner for the day just for musseling though it. Ashley didn’t want to talk about it. Cory didn’t DQ any of us (but didn’t get the leaders either like he said he would do) and he said he crushed some dreams on Saturday in the mini-mussel. Kris Dale also blew through the mini with fires blazin. Joe must have died because I never saw him again after the swim start. Ashley again didn’t want to talk about it (hint Ashley, come visit with us some/more)

I think I got everyone. If I didn’t, ten you have to speak your price now I forever shut it.

Big thanks to the Solt family for dragging the trailer up there and getting us all setup in a great location right on the course!

Good times.